But By His Grace

But By His Grace

Not understanding the real motive or what’s in the heart, I would only challenge us to have the courage to leave some room for God to move in people. I wonder how the story of the ‘woman caught in adultery’ would have ended if Jesus didn’t bring grace into her circumstance?

When you have an encounter with Jesus, you have a choice to leave a changed person (or not). Jesus called her out and was vividly clear when He declared, “Go now and leave your life of sin.” (John 8:1-11)

I’m not debating that these things are at odds with God, because they are…but I was a complete mess and at opposition with God and He did an amazing work in me. And honestly, I am still a train wreck (and so are you), but by His grace…His work continues in me!

What does this narrative say about Jesus?

Have you experienced God’s grace?

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Tim Young

Author of Heartstone. I am a father, teacher and speaker on mission to help people live courageously from their hearts.

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  1. wisdomandlife says

    Hi Tim:
    (Again.) (LoL)
    God’s Grace has been a huge part of my life. The best way to explain how I choose to see God in my life is by referring you to a couple of blog posts I’ve written in the past. The first on I direct you to is:
    –The Gift of Faith:

    The next one is:
    –Been There, Done That

    Both of these discuss my faith and how that gift along with grace has carried me through so many challenges in my life. I have more faith than anyone I know in my immediate family and the only reason I can conclude as to why that is is explained in The Gift of Faith.

    Not being lazy here by referring you to a couple of blog posts Just felt it was easier to show and not re-tell something I’ve already written about.


    • says

      Hey Chris, glad to have you back 😉 Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and it looks like I have some more reading to get through with those posts you’ve shared.

  2. says

    Grace, grace, grace – such a scandalous thing!

    This account with the adulterous woman is a “but God” moment. Ephesians 2:1-10 is one of my favorite passages in the entire Bible because of the picture it shows of who we were before Christ and the grace that we received (and continue to receive).

    Grace is a messy thing. And just as we have received it freely, we give it freely to others. :)

    • says

      Hey Rod, thanks for sharing. Love this, “…because of the picture it shows of who we were before Christ and the grace that we received (and continue to receive)”! I could probably pause and check my own grace meter 😉

  3. says

    My friend Chris from Wisdom and Life posted the link to this blog on his google + wall. Always great to visit a new blog. I was a Christian for 14 years but a year ago I decided I had to walk away from my faith to freely pursue the truth in my own way. So, I’m re-investigating Jesus right now…who he really was, what he really taught. But as far as God’s grace is concerned, I do believe God-whoever or whatever He might be, has some form of grace.

    If you get a chance I’d love your thoughts on my latest post. If not, I understand. :)


    • says

      Hey Jessica,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sounds like you’re on quite a journey. In my book Heartstone I share my journey and the questions that I took with me along the way. One thing I discovered is that everything hinges on who we envision God to be. Do people really and truly know Him? I think many of us have some preconceived notions or somehow connect His person with our circumstances, but do we really know Him?

      Had a chance to read through your latest post and having written some poetry myself, always love to walk through the deep narrative of others. I could feel your deep desire to find peace. I found mine in Jesus Christ :)


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